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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Silly Faces for Anna's B-Day

We're trying a new layout. Let me know what you think.

Anna was 2 years old yesterday!!!! I can't believe how old she's getting, as well as how bratty! She is certainly entering her terrible two's and her and I occassionally have the non-verbal conversation.

Other than that, we got Phillip and Nicholas' report cards today and both did great in school! Marina just came back from a camping trip and today she went to a babysitting certification class, so she is officially certified! Plus, they added her name to the Fort McCoy babysitter's list so hopefully she'll get a few calls from that too.

We stayed up really late last night watching Zathura and were all dragging ass today. After we went swimming for Anna's Birthday, we all took a good nap, which was sorely needed. The pool in Tomah is really nice, because there's a large wading area for the little kids and then the regular pool has three diving boards and is very large. We bought a family season pass for $39 so now we can go whenever we want, plus it's right behind the house which makes it even easier.

Yesterday we made a backyard soccer field. Used up about 4 cans of spray paint and it'll be gone after I mow the lawn, but we did have the first official game in the "Pavek Cup" tournament. The most important thing that we found out...... Mary and I suck at soccer.

Here's a picture of the kids after I told them to clean their rooms.

Here's Anna with her birthday present from our friend Jennifer.

Also, in honor of South Korea's World Cup win today, here's one from 4 years ago.


Dave said...

The kids look great. The blog template doesn't! I'm using Firefox and the stories all came up on the left third of the screen. I'd rather it be centered. Also, the text was too small.

Colleen said...

Mom doesn't like the new layout either. I will have to get you the prints from Nick's graduation.
Love --- Mom, Grandma