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Monday, July 25, 2005

Korean Food

Well we just got back from the Korean restaurant! YUM!!! I thought about you Laura, the whole time I was there. I almost called you to tell you to meet me there! Mike says I have problems! I guess I agree with him! Of course you can be a fan too Jennifer!

A Picture Share!

Nick and Anna


Here's Nicholas at a Dutch Restaurant in Vancouver

DeDutch In Canada

Here's Phillip, myself, and Nick at DeDutch, a Dutch Restaurant in Canada. The food was delicious, although the kids were hungry afterwards.

First Blog Entry from Mary

Hi everyone! This is Mary and I've entered the Blogging world!!!! I only have a few fans right now (or just one, right Laura!) but soon I will have many many many. That's all for now, once I get a little more Blog smart I'll write more.

Finally, Written Words!

OK, so I haven't done the best with actually writing in Blog. Frankly, I think that writing is overrated. Who really needs writing when I can send pics from my phone cam? Or better yet, when I can send audio from my phone?

So a lot's happened since I started this blog. The first big event was the change of command. I have to admit, it's been really nice and quiet since I finished. If it weren't for me trying to turn in these damn temporary barracks, I would have just been chillin' the entire time. When I'm around the company, some of the soldiers tell me how things are going. It's always hard when there is big change, and I don't think I've ever been in an unit where there wasn't at least a little grumbling when a new commander comes in. Nevertheless, I do miss command. Not so much for being the commander, but for the soldiers that I got to work with.

We also went to Vancouver!!! Mary talked me into that one. Actually Mary wanted to go to the islands, but it was just too expensive. One of my goals, before I left the WA area was to go to Canada. Why? Is it because Canada is so much cooler than the US? No, not really. Is it because I want my kids to start learning how to drive in KM/HR? No, although that's a bonus. I guess, I don't know why I wanted to go, I just did.

Here's some pics.....

Mary and the kids on the Suspension Bridge

This is us Pavek men at the Capiliano Suspension Bridge, right before we conducted Nick's Exorcism.

Mary and myself at the Treetop Adventures.

Anna and me at the water park. I'm bravely shielding my daughter from the cold water with my own body!

It was a lot of fun, although going out to eat as a family of 6 for several days is really expensive.
From now on, we, as the Pavek's, are going to implement a new going out to eat policy.......... The Pavek children, all FOUR of them, will rotate so every child only eats every other meal. This will reduce our fiscal obligations by 25% and also reduce the amount of wasted consumable food from each meal, particularly from Nicholas. Now I just have to get the wife to buy off on that plan.

The movers are coming tomorrow and we're still getting ready for them. I hate moving. I despise the whole process. Packing, unpacking, finding a place to live, etc etc. I enjoy living in new locations, but if I could just get it so we don't have to do a single bit of packing that would be just fine. Maybe I need to buy a mobile home.

Lastly, I was watching Mad TV last night. Something I don't do too often. Bobby Lee is hilarious. Any man who can dance in his underwear with a toy robot is funny in my book.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Vancouver, BC

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hello from the American Heritage Campgrounds

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The kids at the campground