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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bad Week for World Cup Picks

All right, let's get the important stuff out of the way first, this week sucked for my World Cup Teams!!!!!

1) Japan got smoked by Brazil with a score of 4-1
2) The US lost because of a poorly called penalty kick to Ghana, 2-1
3) Korea lost to Switzerland after a offsides goal was allowed, 2-0

On the other hand, my friend showed me this wonderful soccer commercial that captures my feelings very well.

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Now that my whining is done, the rest of this "weekend" was great. We went home on Wednesday and stayed until Saturday. We didn't do much on Thursday other than watch the US get screwed out of a game (didn't I say I was done whining?). On Friday, we celebrated Phillip and Anna's birthday with the family. I got to meet my new niece and it was good seeing everyone again (it had been about two months since we were last back home with everyone). We made Korean BBQ, Bulgogi and Rice. It was the largest group that we had ever fed. I learned to cook it recently using the ancient Korean method.

Well, that's not exactly how I learned, more of a trial and error style. We weren't sure if everyone would like it, but the feedback was very positive. People liked trying something different. I cooked it on my parents gas grill. When I first started grilling, a decade ago, I used a gas grill. After one of our many PCS moves the grill didn't survive the trip. We started to use a charcoal grill that was leftover from the previous tenants at our new house. When I went to Iraq, Mary bought a full-sized charcoal grill. Although apprehensive at first, I have come to love my charcoal grill. Cooking on the gas grill has reconfirmed my preference for charcoal.

Other than that, the party went great and the kids were very happy that everyone could make it. It's amazing how fast our time here is going. It's also a little sad.

The other thing that we did on Friday was to visit my Grandpa. He has Alzheimer's and doesn't recall a lot of things, but you can still see the spark of what made him so special to all of us. Anna liked him immediately. Especially after he let her play with his stuffed puppy.

Today Mary will check on getting tickets to the Lifest concert, which is a huge Christian music concert that goes from July 05-09. It's very reasonably priced, but feeding the family for 5 straight days would wipe us out so we're probably only going to do two days. I'll let you know what happens later one.

All in all a great weekend. We even left on time!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped out. We really appreciated it.