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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - A Tragic Story

Mary and I were talking about Anna Nicole Smith's death this week. I told her that there was something incredibly tragic and sad about this story. She's been a mother, stripper, model, gold digger, laughing stock, grieving mother, and finally another victim of the porn industry where she got her start. At times she's been the hottest model in the business and other times a laughing stock. What a roller-coaster of a life.

Do you think Vickie Lynn Hogan ever saw her life spinning out of control the way that it did? For a brief time, it appeared that she had it all, and then just as quickly it was taken from her. Can you imagine what she felt when she found her son dead after having just given birth? That story impacted me so much more than I thought it would have. Were her hopes for the future pinned on her children like so many of ours?

Is her story the same as so many others that are involved in the adult entertainment industry? The porn industry tells us that riches and acceptance are within our reach if we're willing to just go to the "next level", but the reality is so very different. This is a true tragedy, just like so many other stories. I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose a child, especially after the birth of another. I can relate to having your life start to crumble around you, but not to the extent that Anna Nichole's did.

The thing that I have to remind myself, is that my story, your story, or the story of anyone of us could be very similar. We all have dirt in our past, all have made bad decisions and it's only through God's grace and forgiveness that we are able to carry on. So may you remember that you're not alone. May you know that there IS a greater power out there and that He has a plan for you. May your heart be open to His voice and willing to accept his plan.