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Monday, February 13, 2006

Brigade Formal

Last night Mary and I went to the Brigade Formal. I'm including a pic that Felipe and Ruth took at the house right before we left.

A couple of other Army annoucements; as further proof that the Army has reached an all-time high desperation level, I was selected for promotion to Major. The promotion will most likely occur sometime this fall. Additionally, I was also selected for FA 57 as my career field. FA 57 is computer simulations, which is about all I know at this time. I think there will be a big departure from the Army life that I have known up until now, although I'm not sure to what extent. It's a lot like starting over in a way, more to follow on that one.

Mary and I both realize that we haven't been the best at keeping this blog updated and promise to do a better job. We'll write another update later this month. I hope that everyone out there is doing fine and keep the comments coming.