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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Greetings from Fort McCoy

Hello from Fort McCoy. Actually we’ve been here for over 2 weeks already and have finally just now had a chance to sit down and post a regular update instead of just pictures from our camera phone. So here’s the short version of what’s going on.

We’re number four on the housing waiting list. They number 1 person won’t get a house until November so at best we won’t get a on-post house until the beginning of next year. That’s very very disappointing. We are current living in the guest lodge. They have 2 and 3 bedroom trailers for their guest lodging and I can honestly say that this is the best temporary accommodations that we have ever lived in. We can stay here until the middle of October so that takes a lot of the house hunting stress off of us since we can now do it at our leisure. Nevertheless we all miss our household goods and would like a little more space to live in as well.

The people in the area are extremely friendly. All the people at Fort McCoy and in the town of Tomah have been very helpful. We even had good service in the Wal-Mart!!! Phillip noticed that right away. The boys are both enrolled in the same elementary school and Marina is enrolled in the middle school. Here the middle school is a lot like high school. Mariana has her own locker and a class schedule like a high school student where she goes to different classes that have different teachers.

I’ve also finally started my new job. The unit is very different from my last one. The stress level is a lot lower and most people there seem to be in a transitional stage in their careers. I wonder what transition I’m going through?