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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Name Change

All right, first of all you may have noticed the change of title for our blog. (or you may have not if you aren't the real observant type, or if you're new to this blog,.....or if you just really don't give a damn, but anyways) We thought that "The Misadventures.." didn't quite work. I asked Mary for a name, but the last time I let her pick out a name for our website it became "The Cuties." So until Mary comes up with a better name that our blog will be known as "The Lion, the Witch, and the Pavek's." Currently I'm reading the book to the kids anyways, so I can say that it has some current relevancy.

This will be our last night that we stay in Minnesota. The trip over here went as well as can be expected, although we, or mainly I, was very disappointed that the Comfort Inn in ND with the water park was closed. My car's mileage was around 35-37mpg, so I was very pleased with that as well. However, while we were in ND both of our windshields were cracked while we were driving through 40 miles of road construction!!!! Curse you North Dakota!!! Interesting fact that I shared with my daughter......North Dakota's population is 1/3 of the city of Taegu, South Korea where I was stationed.

The kids are camping with Mary's family and will be staying in MN for the first week while Mary and I get things settled in WI. We are still number 4 on the housing list and I am expecting a wait of about 60-90 days for housing. We have guest lodging in a 2-bedroom trailer home for sixty days scheduled, but I am not sure what we would do if our stay had to be extended to 90 days. I am worried about the effect being in transit for so long will have on the kids. We will have to buy new school supplies, which the kids won't mind, and make some assumptions on where we will be living in order to enroll the kids into school.

Enough of stressful thoughts. On a happier note, my sister had her twins!! Noah and Connor were born a month early but are doing well and are off oxygen. I will post pics, once I get out of a Sprint Roaming area. It's very exciting and now our kids have six cousins. Christmas will be interesting. Well, have to go finish packing. We have too much stuff!


duk said...

i'm so glad to keep up with you guys via the blog!! you're updating much more than i am. but of course, i DID notice the blog name change!